I’m still here…

By Ellis | Sep 5, 2013

This website is a little dusty. It’ll need some cleaning soon.


Tools of the trade

By Ellis | Dec 5, 2011

Meigan Canfield and I have been collaborating with Eddie Lau of The Summit on a project documenting local chefs’ personal professional tools and the personalities they reflect. Here are the final three that we just shot today.

Melissa Perello

Melissa Perello

Ravi Kapur

Ravi Kapur

Laurence Jossel

Laurence Jossel

Thank you all collaborators, sponsors, co-conspirators, and chefs that made today possible.

Jim Hildreth

Amanda Hibbert

Meigan Canfield

Eddie Lau

Melissa Perello

Ravi Kapur

Laurence Jossel

Stay tuned for the rest of the collection, photographed earlier this year.

Burlesque Test!

By Ellis | Nov 4, 2011

Burlesque Test! Try saying that 10 times fast.

Had a wonderful test shoot at LUX Studios last weekend. Here are quick teasers from the shoot.

Retouching to follow. I’m trying to decide if I want to work in full 80MP. Yep, these were shot with the new Phase One IQ180 and 645DF camera (big ups to Chia Wen for bringing it out).

Here’s a 100% close up crop of one of the images. Again, since these aren’t retouched yet, I’m being kind as to not have full face crops. The back captures details that aren’t typically noticed in real life at a really high resolution. Crazy.

Special thanks to everyone that helped me out on the shoot (in name and job order):


Saylor Rae

Sweet Sasha

Photo Crew:

Amanda Hibbert

Chia Wen

Danielle Hall


Shannon Amos

Tough Mudder head cam

By Ellis | Sep 26, 2011

Tough Mudder held at Squaw. (www.toughmudder.com)

Head cam was a Contour ROAM that we switched off between members of our team.

To skip to obstacles, check info in the Youtube page:

Tough Mudder @ Squaw

Sunrise Timelapse!

By Ellis | Jul 20, 2011

I was drinking hot chocolate while watching this. Ah…happy.

(Be sure to watch in HD)


By Ellis | Jul 17, 2011

Sun Rise from Half Dome

Mmmm…drinking hot chocolate while watching this happen was epic.

Originally, I got upset when I saw the fog rolling in when we were hiking up. But when we ascended above the fog line and saw this, I was grinning ear to ear.

Full comp of Superman Max

By Ellis | Apr 27, 2011

I’ve been sitting on this for a while. Some of you have seen it, some of you haven’t.

Soooo…here it is: the full sequence of Superman Max.

12mm (DX cropped) @ ISO 400, 1/1000, f/6.3 (9 frames)

Superman Max

Interview with Matt Lieto

By Ellis | Feb 22, 2011

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Kickstand Media and Martin Sundberg Photography on the following video. I utilized one of my lesser-known special powers as an audio tech on the interview portion of the project. Enjoy!

Too many photos, not enough sharing

By Ellis | Feb 6, 2011

Was in Joshua Tree the other week.

Which one do you prefer? Color or B&W?

Bay Bridge Eastern Span

By Ellis | Oct 12, 2010

Thanks to Peter for making the tour possible!

Bay Bridge Eastern Span with False Bridge

Bay Bridge Eastern Span Construction